It turns out that Mars, which has long been called the red planet, may well be a Green planet. Astronomers at the University of Liege (Belgium), using the mission ExoMars TGO satellite, recorded in the atmosphere of Mars green glow.

A similar glow occurs regularly in the Earth’s atmosphere during the Northern lights, which are released under the influence of sunlight, the atoms of oxygen in CO2. The green glow is also visible on the horizon of the Earth from the ISS. Version about the possibility of this phenomenon on Mars, was announced by scientists in the early 80-ies.

Confirmed she got through spectrometers TGO, who recorded this phenomenon. The team repeatedly explored the atmosphere at a specific angle for seven months, scanning various heights from 20 to 400 km above the surface of Mars twice every four days. Green “flame” glow was present in all cases, and it has the same nature as in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Source — ESA