Today, may 8, it became known that the participants
“National corps” led by Andriy Biletsky beat activist
Nazar Kravchenko and Sergey Filimonov. It is reported Диалог.UA with reference to the post
in the Facebook Kravchenko.
According to him, incident happened from-for Sergey Sternenko.

The activist stressed that the beating occurred in a meeting with former
fellow of the “National body”. He assured that he and
Filimonova from the regiment “Azov” midnight collectively tried to convince
that maintain Sergei Sternenko because his case is not worth it.

Attorney Masi Nayyem says that the attack and beating
activists involved, and the leader of the “Nazarus” Biletsky. He said
that from the guys demanded that those said who actively supports Sternenko
in the Network and who organized it. Also because of this incident, he publicly
appealed to the President Zelensky.

Biletsky himself later stated that will come to support Sternenko in
the court, as he personally appealed to him, however, he believes that there are more
important litigation, to which no one pays attention.

Recall that a few months ago, the commander
“National corpus” Andrey Biletsky hit a reporter during
protest near Parliament and insulted him by calling him a “degenerate”. Video
it was posted on the web.

Before the case against Sergey Sternenko ultras
Dynamo Kiev issued an ultimatum to the Prosecutor General, the SBU and
the Ukrainian authorities. Those ready to declare the mobilization of their supporters, if
the activist is taken into custody.

Earlier it was reported that on the facade of the Office of the President of Ukraine 6
may project that brought the image of Sergey Sternenko. It is noted that
the activists demanding the authorities to pay attention to the case against the Odessa.