Mysterious planet X was spotted once again over the territory of the Russian Federation.

While ufologists and conspiracy theorists trying to determine the exact date of Nibiru invading our planet, from different corners of the globe
continue to receive footage of deadly cosmic body, according to “Диалог.UA”.

So, the last time the “death Star”
noticed in the sky over Russia. The corresponding video was shown on the Network. The author of
roller is one of the passengers of the liner companies S7.

It shows a glowing object near the Sun.
While shooting the music video specifically holds a finger in front of the lens
camera, the audience will know that the picture is not mounting.

Earlier in social networks, talking about the invasion of space
ships Nibiru in the United States.

Recall, the UFO came to the conclusion that in Khabarovsk
the region has not fallen meteorite, a UFO intelligence officer, who came from Planet X.

As reported, there is a new sensational data
the end of the world and “the death Star”.