Wife Marat Basharova Elisabeth has appealed to a medical facility.
Marat Basharov beat his wife Elizabeth Shevarkov / photo Personastars

Russian actor and TV presenter Marat Basharov known for their violent behavior. He was several times accused that he raised his hand to women, with whom he lived. It would seem that Lisa Savercool the artist became much calmer and ceased to be cruel. However, it turned out that the family about this for a long time.

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Brother of Elizabeth Fedor said “StarHit” that Marat broke the nose of his sister. “It happened today. She is in the hospital,” said a relative.

As it became known, the whole night Lisa and her mother spent in tramonte, now she’s sleeping after suffering stress.

According to Fedor, this is not the first incident when Basharov raised a hand to Lisa. Last year, when their son was still young, the woman was taken to a medical facility with serious hand injury. However, if the family did not demonstrate such problems.

photo StarHit

Recall that this Basharov have had similar stories. Marat was married with actress Catherine Ancharovoj for about a year (2014 to 2015). Then his wife received a serious head injury, and he broke her nose. In that period she decided not to sue with Marat, regretting it.

The beating was then obvious, but the actor escaped punishment. However, many colleagues Basharova publicly condemned him for such behavior.

At the time Basharov raised a hand to Catherine Arkharova

Marat Basharov – the star of films “the Border. Taiga romance” and “Turkish gambit”.