Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) have developed a new dual energy system that generates energy and stores it for future needs. To do this, they combined two known technologies – solar panels and liquid battery in a single complex. Also, each of components has been implemented on new materials with improved properties.

New solar panels made of plates of silicon with the usual additives extremely promising material perovskite. They absorb waves of different lengths, allowing you to capture much more useful radiation. In the liquid battery is time-tested, but too aggressive acidic electrolytes used organic compounds in saline solution. The formulas are secret, but the new electrolyte carefully call a perfect composition for batteries of this type.

The resulting system has a high stability – she has a constant efficiency of 20 % in all modes. You can set the device at the sun directly and to take from him the energy, and it can accumulate in the liquid electrolyte of the battery to the end of the day to get the same 20 %. This is very useful for creating stand-alone systems in remote regions where the Sun is the only source of energy.

Source — University of Wisconsin-Madison