Photo: Benjamin Netanyahu /

Benjamin Netanyahu

Photo: Benjamin Netanyahu /

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the international community to impose “crippling sanctions” against Iran and vowed to prevent Tehran’s nuclear weapons. The corresponding statement was made Prime Minister at the weekly meeting of the government of the Jewish state, reports TASS.

“The international atomic energy Agency [IAEA], who found that Iran had refused to provide IAEA inspectors access to the hidden objects, which Iran had been pursuing a covert military nuclear activities. Iran has systematically violated its obligations and hidden objects where it was enriched fissile materials. I think the time has come, actually it came long ago, but now just in the light of this new information, the time has come for the international community joined the United States imposed crippling sanctions against Iran,” distributed statements Netanyahu his office.

The Prime Minister stressed that “the coronavirus in any way diminish the resolve of Israel to act against Iranian aggression”.

“I want to say again: Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and will continue to systematically act against its [Iran’s] attempts to gain a foothold in the military at our borders,” added Netanyahu.

June 5 news Agency circulated a report to IAEA on the status of nuclear inspections in Iran. According to Reuters, the stockpiles of enriched uranium in Iran, almost eight times higher than the limit allowed by the nuclear deal in 2015.

The IAEA expressed “deep concern” about the fact that Iran still does not allow experts to two objects, where there may be undeclared nuclear material. The report contains a call for Iran to “immediately cooperate with the IAEA in full, including the provision of access to specified facilities.”