A suspect in the murder of his daughter Cristina, who before death has inflicted over 20 stab wounds, on the eve of a terrible crime took house guests.

According to neighbors “naked ladies” from the village Podvirky that near Kharkov, Pianova before the tragedy in his house had a party. The detained villagers told CP in Ukraine, 29 April Christina was allegedly his birthday. Was the company and partying.

Christina Pianova

At the same time, the police the information that in the house Pianovich celebrated Christina’s birthday, not confirmed.

Neighbors of the dead girl hope the police sort out what happened. Christine in the village loved, said that the girl was friendly, never refused to help, was helpful with the elderly.

Tatiana Pianova in the court room

“If she (the mother) to blame, it likes to be punished severely. If someone else did it to him soon found”, – stated fears another roommate Planovoi Elena.

As you know, the body of Christina found her deaf uncle in the early morning of April 30. He’s in one of the rooms he saw the girl’s body without a head.

Later in Kharkiv, the police detained and Tatiana Panovo, she was completely naked, and in the package it turned out to be the head of the murdered daughter.

In court Pianova threw a tantrum and said that her daughter – youth and really has a different name.

It was also revealed how the family lived Tatyana Panovoj for which the girl’s murder was the second family tragedy.