Local residents believe that the accident occurred due to the lack of lighting and traffic light at a crosswalk.
Near Odessa there was a terrible fatal accident / Duma

Near the village of Odessa region Hlebodarskoe a woman pedestrian was hit by two cars. The victim died at the scene, before paramedics arrived.

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As reports “Duma”, the incident occurred on a dark road. According to eyewitnesses, in the area of bus stop “Fiat” brought down the woman who crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing. The woman fell, and she ran the car “Volvo”.

Local residents, as noted, saying that the accident occurred due to the lack of lighting at the crosswalk.


“The track is not fitted with a traffic light or simply normal lighting. I daily stand for 10-15 minutes before the pedestrian crossing to cross the road. Assaults in our area are not uncommon, although the fatalities was not long ago. Do must people die to get justice that allocated the budget for lighting and traffic light” — quoted journalists post resident Hlebodarskoe Victoria Karaush.


The as of 14:25 local residents blocked the Mayakskoe the road, demanding to resolve the issue with the lighting track and installing a traffic light. Waiting for the arrival of officials.

Earlier it was reported that doctors failed to rescue 41-the summer inhabitant of the Belyaevsky region of Odessa region which was injured after falling out of the bus.