In particular, the protesters do not miss the traffic heading to the sea port “South”.
The protesters argue that the system is not intentionally connected photo UNIAN

In the suburbs of Odessa, near the village Kryzhanivka, locals blocked the route Odessa-South, requiring you to turn on the heating in the residential complex “European”.

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As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, about 150 people blocked the road leading to the South, which also is Ukraine’s largest for cargo handling sea port of the same name.

People continuously go on the crosswalk and do not miss the transport.

They are holding posters: “Dondov, give me heat!”, “My child is freezing in the residential complex “European”, etc.

On the side of the road – lots of trucks heading to the port “South”. On the site of the patrol police branch of transport, including Shuttle buses, on other roads to prevent a clash between protesters and drivers who want to drive in this direction. Some of the cars we drive to the “living barrier”, but turn around and leave. The vehicles in particular, car gas service, the protesters passed.

Arrived at the scene guide Liman police Department.

The participants – residents of high-rise residential complex “European”, which is geographically located in the Suvorov district of the city (the intersection of Bocharov and Sakharov), and legally belong to Kriganovskogo rural Council (Limansky district of the Odessa region). They argue that the complex (approximately 500 apartments) where I live, still not heating.

The protesters argue that the system is not connected on purpose, by order of the developer company “real-invest” (Director Konstantin Dondov), which belongs to the boiler room. And supposedly this is the revenge of the tenants for what they have created condominiums. According to the protesters, on Friday at the Odessa regional state administration held a meeting, during which allegedly a compromise was reached, but the heating in the residential complex is still not included.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on 14 November in Suvorov district of Odessa the locals blocked the road, demanding to turn on the heating in the residential complex “European”. More than 100 people blocked the roadway Bocharova street, near North market.

About the situation they informed the local authorities – Kryzhanovsky village Council and Liman district state administration, but officials at the problem is not properly responded.