Ani Lorak danced in a dress and sandals.View this post in Instagram? Live in the here and now. Feel the music within yourself.

Article is from Ani (@anilorak happy) 16 Nov 2018 11:04 PST

The disgraced Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak has published a video in which she dances a seductive dance in a shiny dress.

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Video posted to Instagram of the actress. “Be here now. Feel the music inside”, – has signed a video Ani Lorak.

The video was immediately criticized by unsatisfied subscribers. “A MOP and then more plastic”, “On stage like normal movement, and in the life of sorrow”, “Lorak Mediocre dancing”, “Dancing is certainly not your Forte”, “ugly old Woman”, “Some horror!”, “Dances like wood” – write in the comments.

Earlier scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak showed a video from the shooting of the Russian show “Voice” and ran into a wave of criticism online. It appears she is in extreme mini.