National Interest has compared the Ukrainian An-140 Russian Il-112V

KIEV. 16 Dec. UNN. The American edition the National Interest, in their article compared the characteristics of Russian and Ukrainian transport aircraft Il-112V and An-140, reports UNN.

“The Il-112V and An-140 seem to be virtually identical in design, but with slight differences in the specifications. The Il-112V has some large amounts of construction and a maximum speed of 500 km per hour against 575 km per hour An-140”, – writes the edition.

In addition, the authors note, Il-112B is equipped with engine Klimov TV7-117, which is 38% more energy efficient compared to engine Klimov TV3-117 that is the An-140.

“This is a significant difference that can lead to improved range and lower maintenance costs. First test flight was scheduled for 2017, but the Il-112V is behind schedule due to delays in the shipment of the TV7-117”, the article says.

The authors also remembered that the Ilyushin and Antonov were two major manufacturers of transport aircraft of the Soviet Union.

Usually Ilyushin produced the means for heavy transportation, and Antonov studied light options. In an effort to replace the outdated An-24 and An-26, Russia first signed a contract for the purchase of An-140 in Ukraine in the joint venture, but the agreement was terminated after the Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014.

As a result, the Kremlin has tried to restore the production of Il-112V Russian production, after several abandoned attempts in the early 2000-ies.

As reported UNN, the U.S. army conducted a successful firing of artillery, caliber 155 mm from a distance of 62 kilometres, marking a technical breakthrough in the field of ground weapons and advance towards the stated goal – to overtake and surpass the ability of the arms of Russia and China.