According to the results of a Unifying Council of Ukrainian churches of Metropolitan Epiphanios was elected head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.
Metropolitan Epiphanius started the first Liturgy at the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine / photo by UNIAN

In St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev began the first Liturgy the Primate of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epiphanios.

Direct broadcast is Radio Freedom.

As reported the UNIAN, at the end of a Unifying Council of the Ukrainian Church, Metropolitan Epiphanius was elected Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. For him in the second round vote of the majority of bishops who participated in the Cathedral. He also gave the title of Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine.

In his address after the Epiphany Cathedral called on all Ukrainian bishops to join one local Church.

“I would like to encourage all our fellow bishops and all the faithful, to the newly created unified Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The doors of our Church open to all. We encourage all to unity, we encourage everyone to be recognized that a single local Ukrainian Orthodox Church”, – said the Metropolitan.