Ukrainian engineers made an unpleasant surprise from Russia, dramatically with the addition of and modernizing T-64 tank, which earlier, the Russian military was called “a tank for the poor.”

However, after deep modernization and equipment
armored latest systems of Ukrainian T-64 technical characteristics
ahead of the Russian analogue of the T-72.

Deep modernization “pancerniki” are
in Kharkov, where, after refitting, they become extremely dangerous hunter
on the front lines.

By updating the tank can shoot at the enemy in the night,
new communication line protected from eavesdropping, and the latest navigation systems allow each crew to see the location of the APU tanks on the battlefield during periods of
of defense and attack.

Upgraded to APU
T-64 on the front for about a hundred.

We will remind, on Donbass fighters of VSU has been undermined by the latest Russian tank “Ghost”.