In Thailand allowed clinical trials of marijuana oil


Thailand is ready to begin the first trials of cannabis oil for treatment in July or August, reports TASS.

According to the Director of research and development, Government pharmaceutical organization (GPO) of Puntacana Subepidermal, state-sanctioned clinical trials will begin in July. During the tests the hemp extract will be taken by volunteers, suffering from nausea and pain from chemotherapy. “We will use the cannabis plant to produce an oil – said the expert.

Marijuana will be delivered with the first legal plantation, which opened in late February. Now there are about 140 plants. The Agency reminds that cannabis had been used for centuries in Thailand legally, however, a few decades ago were forbidden.

February 20 in Thailand entered into force of the amendment to the drugs Act of 1979, authorizing the use of cannabis for medical and research purposes. In addition, on the territory of the Kingdom became possible to legally grow marijuana in the agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes, but under strict supervision of the authorities.

Marijuana can benefit scientists, doctors, practitioners of Thai traditional medicine, red cross workers, local farmers who have received permission from the state, and foreign patients who need it for treatment. According to research by the Ministry of health of Thailand, the extract of marijuana is effective in treating the symptoms of certain physical conditions, including peripheral neuropathy, epilepsy and muscle rigidity.