A civil servant, came to the attention of the security services, worked as the Deputy chief of one of departments of the city. He is testifying and cooperates with the investigation.

Field investigators of SBU in Kharkov detained a civil servant on suspicion of espionage, reports “Direct”.

The man, who works as a Deputy head of Department at city hall, told investigators that he was recruited by the Russians three years ago.

“In 2016 I met Ushakov, Alexander Yurievich, who is the employee of FSB of the Russian Federation”, – said the detained Ukrainian security services. The official admitted, with the curator communicated with messengers and is sometimes found outside the country – in Belarus, the Czech Republic, Greece and Russia.

“I was raised challenges and issues that I had to prepare. The information received I passed on already established communication channels or personally at meetings. Was interesting topics of socio-political situation in Ukraine, in Kharkov, the socio-economic situation of the youth movement,” – said in the SBU information from a detainee.

The security service of Ukraine says: an officer recruited Ukrainian civil servant, officially works as an official assistant to the Minister of education of one of the regions of the Russian Federation. Thus the Russian special services cover the activities of their personnel.

We will remind, SBU was not allowed into the country Western journalist, illegally visited the occupied Crimea and war-torn Donbass.