The use of only one means of protection — masks or gloves — will be considered a violation, said the head of the main oversight Directorate of Moscow Yevgeny Danchikov.

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“We have a law partially disengaged, respectively, if the man in the mask, but no gloves, or Vice versa, then the penalty still will be” — he said RIA Novosti.

According to him, the virus is transmitted via contact, so these rules due to sanitary requirements and safety of citizens.

Danchikov reminded that the penalty for noncompliance with the regime in the workplace and in the store will amount to 4 thousand rubles, taxis and public transport — 5 thousand roubles.

The rules will start to operate in the capital since may 12. Verification activities will be carried out, in particular, the CPS and the controlling entity.

According to the latest data, the city recorded 98 522 cases of coronavirus.