In Russia before the exercises “Caucasus – 2020” announced the sudden checking of the troops of the southern and Western military districts, airborne forces and naval infantry of the Northern and Pacific fleets.

It is reported by the defense Ministry.

For a military event attracted 150 thousand people, 27 thousand units of weapons and military equipment.

According to the official, the headquarters of the southern military district of the Russian Federation stationed in the immediate vicinity of the border of Ukraine in Rostov-on-don. The headquarters of the Western military district in St. Petersburg.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian intelligence warned of increasing threat of renewed Russian military action against Ukraine during the exercise “Kavkaz 2020”.

Also there was a version about a possible breakthrough of Russian troops on the territory of Kherson region to capture the dam and start the Dnieper water in the Crimea. The commander of the joint forces of the armed forces of Ukraine Serhiy Neev assured that along admingranitsy the Crimea there is a certain number of Russian troops, but so far there is no threat of attack.

In Donetsk, reported the arrival of the delegation from Moscow, which examines all the information about the Ukrainian positions at the front. Judging by the conversations of the visitors, this data can be interesting for the Kremlin, especially before large-scale military activities.

Anastasia Yugov