Today, July 17, the sixth anniversary of the tragedy in the Donbass, in
communication with the downed aircraft MH17 the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky recorded
the appeal, which spoke to the possible perpetrators of the crime, but
without mentioning Russia. We will remind that earlier the head of state said that
Ukraine suffers from aggression from the Russian Federation for six years.

It is reported Диалог.UA with reference to the presidency in the “Telegram”.

According to Zelensky, exactly six years ago 298 people
flying aboard MH17 were killed.

He assured that Ukraine strongly contributes to the investigation
the case and wants to find the truth. The President stressed that recently in the Hague
a trial began over the possible culprits in this tragedy.

Zelensky reminded that he was watching the whole world
the public and this trial will become the most famous over the past

We will remind, earlier ex-Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko
said that he told President Vladimir Zelensky, when they had
dialogue on shot down MH17. It is noted that the former head of the GPU then refused
to give the Tzemach Russia.

It was noted earlier that the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs
Yevhen Yenin explained how the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation can become a suspect.

Prior to this it was noted, the public Prosecutor’s office says
a witness who was present at the Downing of the Malaysian
plane flight MH17 in the Donbas in 2014. He anonymously testify in the court of the Hague.
The media has not yet named the name of the person.

Vadim Golovko