Head of yuzao of EMERCOM in Moscow, Colonel of internal service Dmitry krikunenko told about the symptoms of heat stroke and what to do in this case.

  • RIA Novosti

In an interview with TV channel “360”, he noted that heat stroke can be obtained not only in the sun, but in the stuffy room.

“The first symptoms of heat stroke prior to loss of consciousness, are dizziness, headache, General weakness of the body, pallor, or, conversely, redness of face and thirst. The development impact is very short-lived, so the victim could not provide assistance on their own,” said krikunenko.

According to him, should immediately call the doctor, move the victim to a cool place, put on the head a wet cloth, water the elbow and popliteal bends of water.

In turn, employees of the Moscow fire-rescue center encouraged citizens to drink more water and do not drink alcohol in hot weather.

“Being outside in hot weather, it is necessary to observe safety rules: do not be a long time in the sun, drink more water, wear hats, do not swim in prohibited places, not to leave children unattended and do not drink alcoholic beverages”, — quotes the website of the “Moscow 24” the message of the Moscow Department Gossip.

Rescuers suggest if possible to stay indoors under the air conditioner less likely to be in the sun and choose loose clothing made of natural fabrics.