Preparation of the “Aztec” for the world Cup is in full swing.


According to TVNotas Mexican, eight players of the national team of Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, defender Carlos Salcedo, midfielder Hector Herrera, Marco Fabian, Jonathan DOS Santos, and forwards Giovani DOS Santos, Raul Jimenez and Jesus Gallardo – throw a great party on Saturday evening, June 2, immediately after the friendly match against Scotland (1:0).

This game was the final in his native land for Mexicans, which, after a rest day, had to go to Denmark for the final stage of preparation for the 2018 world Cup. Some players decided to take advantage of the weekends, provided for his family, to the fullest.

Removing private house near Mexico city and assembled there without wives and girlfriends, by 10 PM they called the escort service is just over 30 girls. According to eyewitnesses, the alcohol at the party flowed freely, and the feast lasted until the morning, the last car pulled away from the house with dawn.


Official comments from the football Federation of Mexico has not given, but news about the similar time caused a strong resonance – opinions among Mexican fans were divided. One of them condemns players who thinks that in his spare time (it so was) they are free to do what you want – if only on the field laid out in full.


This is not the first scandal of this kind against Mexico. Recall that in June 2011, the Mexicans were preparing to perform on the America’s Cup and the coaching staff called several players from the national team U-22, to dilute them first team. One evening eight youth team players brought to the hotel where the team stayed, prostitutes who later robbed of their teammates, and they betrayed the situation public.

All of the guilty players – among them were the already mentioned Jonathan DOS Santos and Marco Fabian was immediately sent home, six months removed from the game for teams of all ages and fined 50 thousand pesos (about 150 thousand rubles) each.

Dmitry SOMOV, Sport-Express