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A photo from the G7 summit has gone viral for capturing a telling moment from the meeting of world leaders, although not everyone is in agreement about what it says.

The photograph shows President Donald Trump sitting with his arms crossed in a chair, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks down at him, her hands resting on a table between them. They are surrounded by other world leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Zweiter Tag des #G7-Gipfels in Kanada: Beratungen am Rande der offiziellen Tagesordnung #G7Charlevoixpic.twitter.com/5GiGF6zTHr

— Steffen Seibert (@RegSprecher) June 9, 2018

The photo was taken by German government photographer Jesco Denzel and was first shared on social media by Merkel’s spokesperson Steffan Seibert on Saturday.

The photograph proved popular on social media, with many commenting on how symbolic the photo is, given Trump’s relations with some of the leaders in the room following his new tariffs. A number of Americans apologized on behalf of Trump, while other people were inspired to get creative.


— Carlyle Gordon (@lcby) June 9, 2018

Why is he the only one sitting? It seems odd and out of place.

— Kisha (@Bicked_Wetch) June 10, 2018


— °《•Fed Up•》° (@Twilson6209) June 9, 2018

Hier das unbearbeitete Bild! #g7#trump#merkelpic.twitter.com/u5bytbO9Qe

— Mathias Bock (@mthsbck) June 9, 2018


— Ivan Steenkiste (@IRSteenkiste) June 10, 2018

One person was most focused on Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, and his unusual facial expression.


— Stonekettle (@Stonekettle) June 9, 2018

when sitting down matters … pic.twitter.com/rINQBEUypa

— Joe Garavee (@j_garavee) June 9, 2018

.@POTUS meets with world leaders and negotiates on Trade, Iran, and National Security. #G72018#BTSpic.twitter.com/OobyyDswNP

— Sarah Sanders (@PressSec) June 9, 2018

Same scene shot by the French delegation: both Merkel &Macron face Trump pic.twitter.com/jGBEwSe8xX

— Marc-O. Strauss-Kahn (@MarcStraussKahn) June 9, 2018

I see a bunch of people upset they are loosing their meal ticket while Trump is chanting to himself, USA USA ???????????????? #Trump2020#MAGA

— Trumplican (@benjaminschribe) June 9, 2018


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