In the Russian Vladivostok held a protest: several hundred people took to the streets to support the protests in the Khabarovsk region.

About it reports the edition “Vladivostok.RU” reports Диалог.UA.

The city streets were filled with protesters: they were holding posters “I, we, far East, Khabarovsk, we are with you”, “No abusing people” and so on. In addition, on the same day a protest was held on environmental issues: people demanded from the authorities of Primorski Krai to pay attention to environmental problems in the region.

Procession of inhabitants of Vladivostok was unauthorized: the column of demonstrators was accompanied by the bikers. However, the police at first were peaceful: female police officers even gave protesters with masks to guard against coronavirus.

Earlier, we reported that up to 100 thousand Russian citizens went on protests in Khabarovsk, to support their Governor Sergey Furgala: this was the largest mass protest in the city.

We are also told that the indignation of the festival is only gaining momentum: in the city centre and hung a banner with the inscription “Putin is a thief, Furgal ours!”

Evgeny Ustimenko