Russian athlete wolves decided to play for the national team of Belarus, explaining his position to a much more sporty Outlook, which the athlete would be in Russia had, according to Диалог.UA.

Volkov said that the sport is his future, which in Russia is extremely difficult to develop. The athlete said that in the home country in terms of career and development there is nothing for him.

“This is my future. And there is nothing to catch. It is a pity that all friends and family stay in Irkutsk. Otherwise, take it as a given. Regarding earnings, there is not only government support. The main source of income of a top athlete – competitions and personal contracts” – quoted Volkov “Sport-Express”.

It is worth mentioning that the wolves that changed sports citizenship, set a world record in the pole vault in her age category, having won the mark of 5.5 metres.

Recall that the number of Russian biathletes decided to play for the national teams of Belarus and Ukraine. This Russian national team, this news was a big blow, because it lost such a titled athlete Nikita Lobastov.

Nadezhda Nikitina