Belarus plans to acquire missile weapons:
the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko stated the need for the official Minsk
the missile, which can hit targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers, reports Radio Liberty.

It is noteworthy that Lukashenka’s statement about the need
to missile weapons accompanied by a few political statements in

The head of Belarus has accused Moscow that the Russian
the authorities refuse to provide your own polygons for holding
tests of the Belarusian weapons and
do not cooperate in the development of new missiles.

Moreover, Lukashenka hinted that the official Minsk already cooperates with China on missile

“It is not necessary to Russian to stand on
the knees”
, – Lukashenka said, offering to rent a ground in any
another country.

The Belarusian President stressed that if any
launch armed aggression against the Belarusian state, missile weapons
will allow you to inflict serious damage. He stressed that we are not talking about
Intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear weapon.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that in 2019 relations between Minsk and Moscow is seriously lost interest because of the failure of the “Union state”.

Recently, the act of a Russia angered Lukashenko, official Minsk wants Moscow’s explanation.