Announced the winner of the national program “person of the year 2019” in nomination “Industrialist of the year”.

Vyacheslav JAWORSKI, Director of Private joint stock company “Kremenchug carbon black plant”

Honored worker of industry of Ukraine

The three main events of 2019 according to Your version:
the highest level of production and sales of carbon over the last decade;

– awarding our company the Federation of employers of Ukraine “For environmental responsibility”;

– the recognition of our company, according to the National business rating “Leader of the year 2019”;

Your life motto: Three things never return back: time, word, opportunity. Therefore: do not waste time, choose words, do not miss the opportunity (Confucius).

Who did You dream to become in childhood? Always attracted a long road. Dreamed of becoming a driver“trucker”, became the assistant to the machinist of the locomotive.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled? Not consider themselves to be dreamers. See the goal is going to achieve it. And desire – the same as all people: to see children healthy, happy, successful; to have people close to me are healthy and happy and I want to wish everyone happiness is a capacious concept that includes almost everything.

To be successful today is… Success is never measured by what you’ve accomplished. Success is measured by what you overcome. Today to be successful is to never stop to raise the “bar” and overcome the height. Doing business is like Cycling: if you do not move fall.

What is today the most important work of the head of an industrial enterprise? That gives you the opportunity to be the leaders of industry? To be a professional and be a man; build a team that believes in victory and goes to it.

Your favourite saying? Most people are happy as much as decided to be happy (Abraham Lincoln).

Who is an example for You in business? Examples from the history of the concept: “each vegetable – your time and turn”. You can call Henry Ford, and Steve jobs, and bill gates Really… for me an example is our Chairman of the Supervisory Board Miroslav Baldis: success, humanity, attention to detail. This is not flattery, I’m really pleased to work hand in hand with this man. I learn much from him. I also learn from my colleagues and the factory, and the Board of city employers ‘ associations, where I have the honour to belong. In professionalism there is no fixed top, after which you can “rest on our laurels”. The management of the enterprise (as indeed any other organization), is a process, and process needs constant improvement.

Which sector do You think is now important for Ukraine? In priority I would mention road construction. It would have pulled related industries and, in the end, would drive us to foreign investors. But, by and large, it is necessary to restore the activity of those industries, which is famous for Ukraine – accurate and heavy machinery, aircraft, shipbuilding, instrumentation, metallurgy.

What would You be doing if you lived a hundred years ago? A hundred years ago I would have answered this question based on the situation, which would have been. But a hundred years ago there was another “man of the year”.

If happiness is not in money, then what? A man needs money in order to never not to think about them. I’m a Taurus by horoscope and tends money still to count, but they were never my fetish. The money is needed for other tasks. Somerset Maugham said “money is the sixth sense without which other five useless”.

That was the first thing You created with your own hands? Now hard to remember, but of the stools made in the school workshop, to complex molds made already as a toolmaker, his hands had to do a lot.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I…” use it to leap forward.

What trait is Your biggest flaw? Probably excessive gentleness of character. In modern business, it is probably necessary to be more rigid, but I used to trust people, their experience, professionalism and integrity.

Do You have a favorite book? “The master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov, “the Twelve chairs”, “the Golden calf” by I. Ilf and Petrov, stories Zoshchenko. I love to read interesting books a lot, but I did read several times.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary? I would like Winston Churchill. This is a man who can quote endlessly: “All I wanted to do was consent to my wishes after constructive discussions” is a very valuable recommendation to the Manager at any level.

What wonder of the world You would like to move to your hometown? That it symbolized? It even sounds like something much consumer. Wonder of the world because the miracle of light, that is where it originated and is the property of the “world”, i.e. the world. And our city so wonderful a miracle on the banks of the Dnieper. It is necessary to protect, embellish, enhance. It is a city where our children grow up, and this is the greatest miracle.

If You have discovered a new planet, how would You call it? New planet – heritage of mankind, unlikely it is relegated to private persons. But since the question is absolutely abstract – proposed to be called “Lucky”.

Imagine that You came to visit the US President with a request to show Ukraine. Where would You invite him to the tour? Once he to me has already arrived in Kremenchug, I would, of course, showed him our beautiful city. Then be offered to visit the beautiful resort “Derenivka font” near Uzhgorod. There are already two presidents visited and he was glad to see this gem of Transcarpathia.

What is the lesson for You is the best rest? Communication with family and raising my children.