Russian singer Kristina Orbakaite shared his archival photos. In the photo the daughter of prima donnas posing for the photographer in the wig of feathers, according to Диалог.UA citing instagram account Orbakaite.

The dated 1996. Followers of the actress said that she looks very different, and it’s not the age, and in the plastic.

On the archive frame in the daughter of Alla Pugacheva yet pinned fillers the lush cheekbones, a different nose shape and not enlarged lips. Fans write in the comments what natural Kristina Orbakaite-to-face.

“You are beautiful in all images. Here is still so natural, not made by beauty,” writes the fan.

“Image in the style of decadence: the mysterious, mystical, cracked. This is a very unusual and attractive,” added another.

“It’s an incredibly beautiful image! Refined the face, without plastic, without injections so it was better,” writes the user.

Recall that Kristina Orbakaite showed followers in “Instagram” renewed smile. However, sparkling white teeth an unnatural color immediately criticized netizens.

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