In a recent interview with Eugene Kosh famous journalist
and the editor of the publication “Gordon” Ales Batsman asked the comedian “95 quarter”
that he is proud of his President and friend Vladimir Zelensky, given that it is already a year in power. It is reported Диалог.UA

“During the presidency, almost a year has passed than you personally
are you proud of? What successes President Zelensky can you name?” asked Batman from Mishka.

After the question was so vague answer that
more difficult to imagine. Mishka has not shown any desire to answer though
some fraction of specifics, calling any achievements Zelensky. Instead
he just decided to say that he was proud of them, “I’ll just summarize in one sentence, I will not be there to call
achievement: I am proud of my President, that’s all. Further, the following”.

However, Ales Batsman it is not so easy let go and still
demanded to say something more intelligible to the audience and she was at least
a little understand why he is proud of it.

Mishka continued to insist that this issue was
omitted, and only said that he was proud Zelensky, not only due to the fact that
that is one of his closest friends.

“No, don’t want to. No! I’m not going detail about this
to speak. I’m proud of my President not only because he’s my friend. Because
what… because… because” – said Mishka.

Formerly known comedian Eugene Mishka said that President Vladimir Zelensky know about the problems in his environment. According to the artist Studio “Kvartal 95”, the head of the head of state is clearly brewing some kind of plan.