The oligarch and former head of “PrivatBank” Igor Kolomoisky shared resonance information about the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

A loud statement about Zelensky Kolomoisky made in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Makkorishon, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to “Commander in chief”.

According to the rumors, it was the fugitive billionaire Kolomoisky sponsored the election campaign of a showman Vladimir Zelensky in the election. Indirectly confirms their “friendship” and the fact that Kolomoisky media most actively promoted by the comedian. First and foremost, about the 1+1 TV channel.

The oligarch, of course, denies these rumors. But he acknowledged that a very close contact with the leader of the first round of elections. So, according to Kolomoisky, the idea of participation in the presidential elections Zelensky came back in 2015, and 2 years later he confessed to him.

I told him, “You’re crazy”. Then I thought, why not? I asked: “have You previously thought about it? Why didn’t you tell me?He replied that he had not even told his wife and parents about it, otherwise they would have otherwise looked at him, “- said the billionaire.

Besides, the oligarch has admitted that he has great influence on the candidate in matters of religion.

It is one hundred percent Jewish. He was not very religious, but we’re working on it“, – said Kolomoisky. With his words, he makes the candidate to observe the Sabbath, that is, the rejection of any work on Saturdays.

That Shabbat dense and very heavy presidential schedule are incompatible, Kolomoisky think would not. Religion Zelensky could become a serious obstacle to his presidential activities in the event of winning the election.

“The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week that the Jews in fact a holiday. Already the day before the Sabbath, the Jews begin to wish each other “Shabbat Shalom” that is, “peaceful Sabbath” or “Hello Saturday”. The main rule of the Sabbath (Shabbat) – a man should not work. Isn’t that a wonderful condition. But all is not so simple, because the Jews called work on the Sabbath that you have it may not completely synonymous. For example, to write (although you can read, but religious literature), or hang the Laundry, or turn on/off the light, even tying your shoes is impossible. It is easier to say what you can do. But the fact that it is possible for a Jew is enough, since”

Olhar respown transki gazet Macogop scho Zelenski not relly ale “mi precum over Tim, dwellers VIN at least otrimuvav Shabbat”

Olhar Igor Kolomoisky mcno trimaca for the TV channel “1+1”, yaky becoming Golovnin instrumentom from Yogo borotbi s President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Yogo head previou , Volodymyr Zelensky, calinovici comk I vlasnik wide studies “Quarter-95”, Yak vypuska flmi, Comed satiric programs include. About TSE pichet transka newspaper Macogop.

Vidana respond, what, about three years ago channel pocas translate politichny the series “the Servant people”, in yakomu Selenski gra the role of Vasil Petrovich Goloborodko, vchitelya history, that publk post sozleri about corruption in the country. This is a post for one night SMMU life newlogo of vchitelya that allow the Yogo s nudnik koridoru school to poltechnic echelons. Vasil Petrovich Robit neimovirna I vigra presidents vibor in Ukraine.

After three rocky, Selenski Sychov of the screen teletr I Golosov myself a candidate for the spravzhniy Gonz on prezidentskih elections in Ukraine. TSE has prispelo to the great ospho: Selenski biperidin the pershoho tour zi znacznym vdrives I ninskog President Petro Poroshenko I Yogo supernice Ulu Tymoshenko.

“Yakscho have another tour prezidentskih paragons Peremoga ottima Zelenski, TSE bude residual pomsta Kolomoyskogo”, – Pisz Macogop.

“Selenskogo papineni contract z “1+1″ until 2022 year. Ale yakscho VIN vigra the first camp of the President, we dovedetsja, padamati about those Yak date further. Zelenski – Michael Jordan I LeBron James Ukrayinsky television” – each about the Demba Kolomoisky.

Olhar respown Chi planovoe soucasne those scho Selenski SgrA Ukrayinsky President poltina teleserial, and later to perevoditsja s actor in candidate for town President in the real ITT.

“I do not CCB calinou tsoho, but I waiau scho tsya idea prishla in the Dumka selenskogo the 2015 year, if the series only pochinova, and in 2017 year VIN podomys meni scho sbiraetsya balatonaliga for President. I’m saying yomu: Ti Boily. Next thought, chomu b hi? I zapita: Ti vzhe as about TSE I think? Chomu not saying ti meni? He vdovu scho navt not saying I druzin their dad about TSE, naksha stink vzhe b nakse on TSE devilica”, – respown Kolomoisky.

Olgar also raskazov about vratice Selenskogo origin: “one Hundred percent Vra”. “He is not relly ale precum over Tim, dwellers, at least, the VIN otrimuvav Shabbat, this is difficult for the person Yogo proves, moreover, difficult reclamati udsm in Ukraine”, – visnaw Kolomoisky.

Olhar adding, that he dotimes Shabbat, Yak VIN Yogo Rozum. “I Nikoli not simausa the Ref from the Sabbath,” – said Kolomoysky.

For data vidana, olgar also actively opcodes vrackie noradijumi in Ukraine that Sral. Middle nsogo, VIN storev have DNP velicani vraysky kulturni center, zrobiv of vnesok at Yad Vashem (Memorial complex history of the Holocaust) that vbnewline synagogues Hurva in Rusalem. View from the past VIN at amagasa, stvoriti low projectv, that including online center dwellers podolaty about antisemtic incident to Zavalniuk Brasco bazi difference. Ale Tsey project is not Velikov entusiasmo have vraysky communities I the idea balisilica on paper.

Naperedodni group Ob dnano Brasco obsene Ukraine Mihael weaver povidomlyav scho Mati Volodymyr Selenskogo Vraca, nevertheless Zelenski not practicuum VRAM , I okujeni on GNC, Yak , not breakou.

Selenski Vdovina komentovat vidanni their origin, we are talking at the article. Yogo radnik Dmitro Razumkov podomys scho Etna prinadlejnosti kandidatu not got in Ukraine znachennya – TSE tolerant power, de to vsih to tabletsa odnakovo.

Nagado, Volodymyr Zelenskiy have teleserial “Servant people” vicono the role of vchitelya history of Vasil Goloborodko, that Sodom STA President of Ukraine.

“The servant of the people” – Ukrainian komedii politichny TV series virobnictva wide studies “Quarter-95” about neimovirna story obronna of the President of Ukraine. Prem RA pershoho season series vabulas 16 Listopad 2015 rock on ukrainskomu telekanal “1+1”, and groudn 2015 rock vdbase televie show ostannia 24-* ser pershoho season. 23 Zhovtnya 2017 pochavsya the show another season of “the Servant of the people. From Lubov to momento”, and Listopad 2017 rock vdbase televie show ostannia 24-to ser another season.

As a candidate for the President Volodymyr Zelenskiy Raskatov “Commander in chief” scho at Razi Yogo Peremogi on prezidentskih elections odrazu W podast Vier prioritetnyh, on Yogo Dumka, zakonoproekty.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that the blogger revealed the purpose of Kolomoisky in combination with Zelensky on elections: social networks affected cynicism.