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April 4 marks the Day the web master / photo

Web master – a profession is fairly new. The first mention of it appeared in 1992. However, over the past 10 years, she became so popular that she had her own professional holiday – Day of the web master.

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Day webmaster: when we celebrate and the history of the holiday

Day webmasters is an unofficial professional holiday, celebrated annually on 4 April and this date was not accidental.

The fact that April 4 (4.04) encoded error 404, “Not Found”, which appears on the page if the server cannot find the data on the user request. In addition, this day also marks the international day of Internet.

Congratulate someone on the Day of the webmaster

The first web masters performing a broad range of tasks associated with the Internet. Now, however, the concept of “web master” is collective, as with all of these functions became a separate profession. Therefore, with the Day of the webmaster is customary to congratulate the web designers, authors and moderators, programmers, system administrators, content managers and technical support staff of the website.

Congratulations webmaster: poems

Day “Four. Zero four” —
Red letter day,
I’m in a hurry, my friend, congratulations
Day webmasters you!

Let it work successfully
Everything to the smallest detail,
To all the world of the Internet
Became reality by a mile.

To and Yandex, and in Google,
All search engines
Your sites occupied
Only the first place.

Happiness in life, and may often
In the world good dreams
Manage to escape
From vebmasterskih shackles!

Tags, macros, startups,
Hostesses, domains, UPS,
All web master understands,
And work uses!

Today I congratulate,
All site owners,
And I sincerely wish
Without error copyright!

That idea was called for,
Your site people notice
Came all read,
In the bookmark added!

Well, web master, congratulations
Professional day
The Internet let him beckoning,
Let them be comfortable in it.

To order wish
I’m on a million,
Because you’re really a Pro
You’re a hero and a champion.

Happy webmaster and wish you great ideas, good mood, incredible successes, creative ideas, brilliant victories, big plans, loyal good luck, excellent work and personal well-being.

Dear webmaster, congratulations to you, lords of cables and Wi-Fi with their professional holiday! We wish all the data was transferred without loss and the gaps in the line were so rare that everyone thought them just a myth. Happy holidays to you.