Wednesday, April 3, ended the visit of the ships of the Alliance, which consists in a permanent group SNMG2, in the Ukrainian port.

Yesterday evening, April 3, the NATO frigate “Toronto”
and “Santa Maria” withdrew from the marine station in Odessa and went to
open sea for joint exercises with the Ukrainian ships passes
“Диалог.UA” with reference to “Duma”.

In this regard, the newspaper published a number of photographs
taken near NATO ships and inside ships.

Previously, the Network showed a photo of the ships of the Alliance in
the port of Odessa in the company of dolphins.

Note that tomorrow, April 5, ships of the Ukrainian Navy
and the Alliance in the Black sea will begin the annual multinational exercise, which will involve five countries-members of NATO.

Recall, the Alliance said it was ready to take measures to respond to the aggression of the occupation of the sea and ensure safe
the passage of the Ukrainian courts.

In the Kremlin the decision of NATO reacted negatively, in
particular, Putin’s press Secretary Peskov made a nervous statement.