Today, December 25, the entire territory of the city of Kharkov were covered with snow. Residents note that many routes are closed.

Reports about it “Диалог.UA”.

Earlier it was reported that the Dec will be surprised by the changeable weather
a week before the New year.

It is noted that this morning, December 25, in the city of Kharkov
collapsed heavy snowfall and rain in the afternoon. Snow depth exceeded
the mark of 15 inches. Local residents reported that a trolley is not
left on their routes, many roads are missing trams.

In the city administration noted that the road receive
more than two hundred different types of equipment. Already cleaned the ring road around
city. Previously reported that the airport started to cancel some flights, other
I rescheduled for tomorrow.

Also, the bad weather has spread to eight other areas
Ukraine, where more than 180 de-energized settlements.

The “DNR” threatened Ukraine “terrible
consequences”: the militants are preparing an offensive on Kiev and Kharkov.

Over the next
two days, most of the regions of Ukraine will be in fairly frosty
weather. And closer to the weekend formed over the Atlantic cyclone will bring warming.