Before the New year Ukraine will be hit by magnetic storm

KIEV. 25 Dec. UNN. On the weekend of December 29 predict magnetic excitation close to the first magnetic storm of level G1. It is reported by UNN with reference to the Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun.

According to the standard scale NOAA (national atmospheric administration, USA), a storm of class 1 is able to influence the energy system – weak fluctuations in power systems, on spacecraft – minor impact on system control of spacecraft, ground system, auroras visible at high latitudes ( 60 degrees), at the beginning of the migration of animals.

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According to experts, the greatest magnetic storms of 2018 were registered last spring, 18-19 March, 20 April and 5-6 may 2018, when the index of geomagnetic activity reached a value of 6, which corresponds to a storm at level 2 the highest possible scale. All the other events this year, including the magnetic storm of June 18, refer to the minimum level 1.

In addition September 11 on the Ground were observed, one of the largest magnetic storms this year.

We will remind, scientists have announced a change in the Earth’s orbit.