The Verkhovna Rada on April 16 destroyed “16 thousand edits” than gave the “green light” for adoption “antikalamos of the law.” It is evidence of the weakening of Igor Kolomoisky, the Chairman of the Board of the “center of counteraction of corruption” Vitaly Shabunin. He wrote about this on my channel Telegram.

Yesterday it became obvious that things Kolomoyskiy in the Parliament became even worse, “wrote public figure. He noticed that only 36 “servants of the people” refused to support further lock law, which does not allow the oligarch to regain nationalized Privat.

204 “servant” showed the middle finger to the oligarchs and tapped FOR it. In this they were supported by the group “Trust” (13) and independent deputies Akhmetov (5),” wrote said. He believes that the urgent appointment of Olga Bukovec to the position of acting Minister of energy – this is a fee Office of the President for “assistance” in voting.

It is interesting that 15 deputies “opsi” also voted “for”. There’s generally an interesting combination: the people voted Levochkina, Medvedchuk and Stolar. I think everyone that-get“, – expressed his opinion the Chairman of the Board of CTC.

Moreover, the monitoring Shabunina, some MPs had “betrayed” the oligarch in the vote on April 16.

If the vote for “andikalovsky” the bill openly sabotaged people Vavrish / Bohdan and Avakov, this time they have joined support for the position of President, “- said social activist.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that “andikalovsky the law” is one of the requirements IMF loan to Ukraine. Without them, experts say, the country faces default.

The bill is already written, but it was blocked by a number of MPs who made 16 thousand edits.

We wrote that the media found out what strategy Zelensky chose in conflict with the oligarch Kolomoisky.