Ukrainian electronic intelligence station “Mail-M” far exceeds even the American system “AWACS”.

Ukraine put into service Israel mobile station electronic reconnaissance “Kolchuga-M”. Confirmation of this information by Israeli officials or military to date, no.

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Israel received the Ukrainian automated station passive surveillance, a key task will be monitoring of ground and mobile targets, according to the website with reference to the publication of ImportGenius.

With the help of Ukrainian electronic intelligence station, the Israeli air force put under the control of the movement of Iranian ballistic missiles on Syrian territory, and will be able to track the movement of mobile missiles, the Syrian air defense s-300 “Favorit”, which currently pose the greatest danger to the Israeli air force.

Should clarify, the Ukrainian station of radio reconnaissance “Kolchuga-M” far exceeds even the American system “AWACS”, as the detection range of aerial targets it is 800 kilometers, at the time as “AWACS” is limited to the range of observation of 600 kilometers.

No official comment from Israel on this score has not yet been reported, however, in March 2018 had indeed reported that between Israel and Ukraine was contracted to buy the station “Mail.”