According to the Chinese calendar, the Pig — plump and cheerful sign who is genuinely happy with everything that they do.
Best greetings and cards to mark the New year /

Tomorrow Ukraine will join the new 2019-th year. New year is one of the most popular festivals not only in Ukraine but all over the world.

UNIAN has gathered the best happy new year by 2019. Here you will find greetings parents, children, brothers and sisters for every taste – in verse and in prose, philosophical and humorous. So don’t forget to congratulate not only relatives, but also old friends and colleagues.

Greetings parents, happy New year

Happy New year, dear

Daddy and mommy!

Let event a bad

Perish all to the gram,

They will be replaced by happiness,

The joy and fun,

All may be obtained

In words and deed!


The new year is already at the start,

He, literally, at the gates,

Now strikes the chime,

Quietly in the door he will!

And while he’s on the way,

Mom, dad, dear,

Accepting congratulations,

Happy New year to you dear!

Congratulations to the children on the New year

Yellow sun, yellow flowers,

With yellow stone yellow chain

New yellow cars,

Yellow beach by the sea for the summer

Autumn yellow maple leaf…

And happy yellow Pig let, daughter!


To catch — the bait,

To dream on a silver platter,

So in banks — savings

To get to the heart — chants,

To award on the chest,

And a successful year ahead!

That year was soft, as if all,

And with a Boar to be in trouble, son!


Get the Mumps

My dear son,

Heart to have fun

Plans to materialise

Money to accumulate,

The power to grow,

To the stars to reach,

Year smile!

Congratulations to brother and sister happy New year

Wish your favorite little sister

In the year of the piggy a little more cash

Clearing that too much

And piggy mistress that knew!

To whims all fulfilled,

That tub you filled,

From ailments and troubles protected

And in Paradise this year has turned!


Chill out, brah, rushing to us Hryha,

And, then, chic will be doing:

In cups wet boots dry

And the smile from ear to ear!

Happy New year in prose

2019 let this New year be for you a piggy Bank into which you will put your success and victory, wealth and prosperity, happiness and joy, pleasant meetings and interesting adventures. Let this year be so unusual, magical and memorable that even after a while you could remember and share their positive emotions. I wish you the best, good and bright, enormous benefits and true love. Happy New year!


This New year of the Pig, will certainly become rich, fertile and hospitable. Let him be as sweet as your heart as happy as your fate is as successful as your luck. I wish you all to dismiss bad thoughts, bad memories, unnecessary jealousy and empty experiences. Let go of all the past, taking only the good, and enter into the New year, where you will find only the newest, the greatest and best happiness. Happy New year!


Congratulations on the arrival of the New year of the Pig and wish to warm your surroundings a modicum of warmth! Give loved ones a piece of her sincerity and goodness and make the world around a little bit more beautiful! Let the Christmas mood will give you wonderful moments and will leave a deep memories from this magical family event! We wish you to spend the New Year in a circle of close and dear people, because family is the most important in the life of every person! We wish you, your native people have always been around, healthy, smiling, happy with life and had everything to be happy! Let you and your surroundings glowing with joy the whole year! Give each other tender declarations, sincere wishes, expensive gifts, heartfelt and sincere words! Thus, giving no chance for happiness is to leave you!

Best greeting cards happy New year: 2019


Happy New year in verse

Visit us comes the pig,

Gives joy without a hitch,

All charms Piglet,

Ears up, tail hook!

We wish to grushkin year

You don’t know the problems, worries

And in full relax

Often, a wider smile!


May the Year of the Pig in piggy happiness

Add joy and love,

Dreams will perform overnight

Faith in goodness will give again!

Let them pave the way

To incredible miracles,

The victories and achievements of many

Will present the award to you!


To us in the New year is the pig,

And to us along the way

Let the pig, we will not enclose,

Worries let us not disturb,

Let him come to us,

And nothing that is a pig

After all, with kindness and humor,

She is going to give joy,

So in the New coming year

We adored a pig

And she did not disappoint,

Gave the happiness from itself!

Short happy New year SMS

Don’t risk you’re for nothing

And don’t be afraid of enemies

It will tell Pig

Many faithful steps!


May the year of the Pig brings good luck –

All hard will solve the problem

And showered, like rain,

The gold and silver!


New year already coming –

Pig on a visit to us calling!

And she gave all:

Waiting for the love of you and success!


Be happy, friends!

So help you Pig!

Gently scratch your ear –

Become faithful friend!


The dead of winter,

And the snow outside the window…

Let we have fun together

The year of the Pig will hold!

Funny poems-greetings to relatives in the year of the Pig

Tralee-Wali, is reflux-boiled.

We have a Pig in your house is empty.

Fed, sheltered,

To be devious, banned!

The promise was pledged

To be estimated, Trali-Vali,

A year to cherish-grooming

And love us all let!


Relax and twiddle

I wish you in the year of the piggy,

And so the whole year

Growing by leaps and bounds, income,

So the food in the restaurant

To feelings as in the novel,

To SPA and manicure

And couture.