Photo: Fars

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf

Photo: Fars

The strategy of Tehran against Washington is to avenge the death of General Qassem Soleimani. On this, as peredaet TASS, said Sunday the new President of the Parliament (Majlis) of Iran, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf.

“Our strategy in the U.S. – completion of revenge for the blood Soleimani”, – quotes its Agency Tasnim. In his words, “the work begun with the attack on the base ain El-Assad, will continue and complete the expulsion of the US army from the region.”

He added that “the Mejlis of the 11-th convocation considers negotiations and compromises with the American side is useless and harmful.”

In the night of 3 January, after a rocket attack USA in the area of the Baghdad airport, killing the commander of the special forces, “al-Quds” Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (the IRGC, the elite units of the Iranian armed forces) Qasem Soleimani.

In response to Tehran on the night of 8 January, fired missiles at two sites in Iraq that were used by the us military: the base ain al-Assad airport in Erbil.