Most gamers quietly hate the series, Dark Souls, and only a small cohort of loves for incredible complexity, cruelty and unpredictability of the military aspects. A user with the nickname Super Louis 64 refers to the number of fans that have just enough to win on ultimate difficulty. He went on and adapted as a gamepad device for gymfitness Ring Fit Adventure.

Super Louis 64 adapted interface Ring Fit Adventure to execute commands in Dark Souls 3. For movement you need to run in place to avoid rotating the body to hit enough to compress the ring. And in order to heal, you need to have time to do a quick squat. And all this in a high and continuous rate so that after a few minutes of the game Mike the gamer gets wet from sweat.

Not the first attempt, but Louis Super 64 with Ring Fit Adventure managed to defeat the main bosses in Dark Souls 3. Now he plans to add a detector D-pad on the leg to precisely control the travel speed in the game. This adventure, and exercise, and engaging custom welcome. Previously the gamer went to Modern Warfare with a pair of Donkey Kong Bongos, won the Halo 3 Legendary controller Guitar Hero and fought in Overwatch with a Nintendo Power Glove. Fitness ring is a new interesting toy in the hands of Super creative Louis 64.

Source — Super Louis 64