2016 service to search for short term private rentals Airbnb offers a service which allows you to find the tours, excursions and interesting activities in the city that you want to visit. And this week in connection with the global insulation service decided to move this service online.

Now users will be able to participate in virtual travel via the Zoom, and Airbnb will provide registered owners with free access to the software and remote conferences.

At the time of launch offers approximately 50 webinars, classes, and tours that involve homeowners from more than 30 countries. Airbnb argues that in the coming months they are going to spend several thousands of online sessions. One of the available online tours offers a guided tour of Chernobyl, where you can meet even the dogs living there. Or, for example, it is possible to visit goat reserve, if you like doing it. And of course, the service standard is full of cooking classes and fitness.

The company is positioning the new service as a way to help owners of leased real estate to mitigate losses, and to give people the opportunity to do something interesting while they’re stuck at home. Last week, Airbnb has announced that it will allocate $ 250 million in support to the owners, whose business is affected by the pandemic.
Source — Airbnb