The Intel NUC line has always attracted the attention of users. It is a powerful minicomputer measuring just 238 x 216 x 96 mm designed for enthusiasts who prefer the compactness.

Compared to previous models slightly increased dimensions of the Intel NUC 9 may seem a step backwards. However, it is still considerably less than any desktop computer with a discrete GPU. To ensure this, the developers used the Intel modular scheme, which allows you to connect to PC with any graphics card length up to 8 inches.

In addition, Intel has developed a replacement “computing element”, which includes a mobile CPU, two slots for RAM in notebook format and space for two M. 2 SSD-drives. Another M. 2 slot is hidden inside the body. The power supply is a compact 500-watt power supply.

Open NUC 9 Extreme is very simple. This is necessary to remove the top case by unscrewing the two screws and slide the two side panels outward. The compute processor extends as PCIe, although its removal will need to disconnect a few tiny wires.

Set of ports NUC 9 is connected to the computing element and the graphics processor. In one of the top trim levels, it includes two USB-C 3 Thunderbolt, four USB 3.1 type-A, dual Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI. The graphics processor provides the DisplayPort, and HDMI slot and DVI.
Source — Engadget