Against the background of a pandemic quarantine a huge number of people continue to work from home and use of communication tools video like Zoom. However, the writer and artist Viviane Schwarz and her colleagues decided to bring a bit of spice to this becoming everyday practice and began to hold their meetings inside the video game.

Their choice fell on the loudest hit of Rockstar last years open world Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2. Says Schwartz: “We had to constantly hold meetings in Zoom, and Skype, answer emails and phone calls. Us was terribly tired, we felt more and more irritated”.

It is not a secret that boring call spawned its own Internet-phenomenon – Zoom-exhaustion. It leads to accumulation of fatigue and irritation from frequent and unproductive meetings. Schwartz and her team found a way to work around this problem, hand hold their meetings in various online games. Their first choice was Minecraft, but he did not come to solve the tasks set before him. People started to walk in the world of the game, dig something and build some designs, instead of focusing on the agenda of the meeting. Schwartz then turned his gaze on Red Dead Redemption 2.

As it turned out, the meeting around a virtual campfire or sitting on horseback in the middle of the vast Prairie are suitable for virtual communication could not be better. And the server was shut off due to lack of player activity, Schwartz and her team have adapted to cooking during his talks gaming liters of coffee.
Source — Ubergizmo