CoffeeJack is a new eco-friendly and compact coffee machine that without electricity, capsules or filters using microhydraulic with pressure over 9 bar.

The team shared that they wanted to create an espresso machine, easy and simple to use but capable of providing coffee quality at the prestigious institutions. The second goal is to avoid disposable cups, which cause damage to the environment. Why espresso? The fact that it is the basic unit in copierii. It can be turned into any coffee beverage and it has the most intense flavor. At the same time, brewing espresso is the most difficult and expensive process because of the need for high pressure, through which occurs the extraction of the aromatic substances from the coffee beans.

Using CoffeeJack can make coffee anywhere from the kitchen table to the mountain tops. Automatic system tempered ground coffee for better extraction. In fact, it is the smallest espresso machine in the market (with a height of only 11 cm). To create the final version, the developers had to create and test prototype 392. The project has provided the community of Indiegogo where he raised over $1 million

To brew coffee in CoffeeJack, you need to do three easy steps:

  • Pour your favorite ground coffee to the receiver;
  • Pour hot water;
  • Click on the pump about 8 times to get the perfect espresso.
  • All parts of the coffeemaker have undergone rigorous testing for sustainability and durability. It uses aluminum, durable borosilicate glass and recycled plastic. CoffeeJack already available for early order at a price of $ 91. Worldwide delivery should begin in may 2020.

    Source — Indiegogo