Already as of may 4, in Ukraine started the payment of pensions in accordance
indexing. It is noted that additional payments will be able to get about 6.9
million from 11.4 million the Edition “Observer” stresses that under
the decision of the Cabinet by default, you should get all but retired,
receiving special pensions and other allowances, will not be participating in this

Also can be a no extra payments men
who worked less than 35 years and women with experience less than 30 years, with
if their salary for the last three years on the job was less than or
the range of the national average.

If people missed the dates and the figures in may
will be able to get your hands on some 2.1 thousand pension.

The siloviki, ex-MPs, prosecutors, judges and other categories in
indexing not participate as well as those who are now receiving allowances for
additional length.

Earlier it was reported that in may many Ukrainian pensioners have a surprise in the form of pension supplements. It is noted that it will be indexed,
and quarantine of payment, and the pension itself.

Before it became known that the pensioners of Ukraine has promised to
mid-April to pay for retirement for more thousand, but this amount
unable to not all Ukrainians, retired.

We will remind, earlier the Prime Minister Smegal stated that the existing pension system in the country requires urgent reforms, and its already started
to develop the Ministry of social policy. It is noted that in the future pensioners
will be able to receive two pensions.