In USA approved trials of stem cell therapy in patients with COVID-19

KIEV. May 15. UNN. The Department of supervision of quality of foodstuff and medicines (Food and Drug Agency (FDA) in April approved the first clinical human trials of experimental stem cell therapy for patients with coronavirus, reports UNN with reference to the portal WebMD.

Treatment occurs through the introduction of placental stem cells to the patient, it develops biotechnology company Celularity from new Jersey. Research early on suggested the inclusion of up to 86 patients with coronavirus disease.

Stem cells used in this treatment are the so-called “natural killer cells” that protect the developing fetus or newborn from the virus in the womb. Celularity testing this treatment approach in cancer patients.

The first results of early trials are expected within 30-60 days after the first patients will receive the dose of treatment, reported the American media Dr. Robert Hariri, founder and chief Executive officer Celularity.

According to Hariri, if the test is successful, the company will conduct a placebo-controlled study that evaluated efficacy against this new disease.

At the same time, at least one expert warned that the treatment may pose a security risk. Patients with coronavirus can get a severe reaction in which their immune system is too active to attack cells in the lungs, causing dangerous inflammation, told The Times Paul Knoepfler, stem-cell researcher at the University of California.

Moreover, in may the Global Institute of therapy and stem cell research (GIOSTAR), also announced that it has received approval to conduct clinical trials of therapy of patients with coronavirus.

“GIOSTAR will conduct a test using stem cells to treat patients with COVID-19 in accordance with the approved by FDA food and drug administration (FDA) program “Extended access for compassionate use,” reported the Institute.

We will remind, in Ukraine at least four drugs to combat coronavirus disease is preparing to undergo clinical trials.