In Ukravtodor told for whom the use of roads could be paid

KIEV. June 11. UNN. In early June, discussions began on the draft laws # 3544 and # 3545, which implement the system of charging foreign carriers. So, travel roads that are up to standard can then be dispensed to foreign carriers in the amount of 3 UAH per 1 km. it is reported by UNN citing the press service of Ukravtodor.

“In early June, Ukravtodor initiated the discussion of draft laws # 3544 and # 3545, which implement the system of charging foreign carriers. The bill was initiated by a group of people’s deputies of Ukraine, and the developer of the text were made by the Office of support of reforms in Ukravtodor”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the draft law provides that the fee is paid by foreign carriers that perform transit through the territory of Ukraine. The fare will be established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In the EU the cost ranged from 2.2 to 11 UAH.

It is expected that the fare will be approximately 3 UAH for 1 km.

In addition, the electronic control system will depend on the specific model of the system Board will be elected on a competitive basis. It is expected that it would be stationary equipment is harmonized with the WiM complexes, and mobile patrols with remote reading devices charging.

So, the fare will be charged exclusively with the roads in the regulatory state. Now there are roads around 12 thousand km. for the Money you pay will go solely to the State budget, namely the road Fund and shall be used exclusively for the development of roads.

It is reported that at the round table expressed the position on compliance with the principle of non-discrimination for carriers in the application of the Board, the establishment of environmental parameters that would affect the Board size, but also about the willingness to discuss the introduction of fees, but must take into account the economic situation and the state of the freight market.

“The bill was developed on the basis of Directive 1999/62 EC, is implemented in most EU countries. Also, consultations were held with representatives from Sweden, Austria, and Hungary. The idea of tolls stretches from 2011, but without a legislative base any further steps are inappropriate,” is added to the message.

Recall that in order to repair and build bridges in Ukraine needs $ 3 billion under the corresponding program.