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Wednesday from 18:00 (Kyiv time) there was a failure in the work of Instagram and Facebook. Facebook home was available, but many users could not publish anything. In Instagram has not been updated tape, and it was impossible to add photos and stories, writes the BBC.

Now the services have already been established, but it is not clear what caused it to fail.

In the history of the work Facebook is the most severe failure that lasted most of the day on Wednesday.

The last time the company experienced similar problems in 2008 when it had 150 million users. Now the number of users reached 2.3 billion.

According to the service Downdetector watching popular networks, the problem was global.

Failures were observed and the application to business communication Workplace, which belongs to Facebook.

We will remind, on March 13 was a large-scale failure of the Gmail and YouTube in the countries of South-East Asia, Australia and some States of the USA.