March 13. Barcelona. Barcelona – Lyon 5:1. Luis Suarez stepped on the foot of Jason Denayer and fell. Photo:

In the return match of 1/8 final of League of Champions “Barcelona” – “Lyon” was something that was feared by the UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, founder, at first did not want to introduce video replays in games of the main club tournament.

A scandal has arisen around the work of the judge and his videoassisted.

Full information on what happened after the end of the first quarter of the meeting, now, in the night of Thursday, no. But the discussion of the decision of the referee Szymon Marciniak of stops. Some believe that he was wrong and he and wideorbit (VAR) Paul Raczkowski, and both of them also not helped the assistant of VAR (AVAR), Paul Gil.

Others, referring to the French media, talk about certain technical problems, which the VAR and the referee correctly to understand what happened in the penalty area of Lyon.

What has happened there next. On 16 minutes the striker “Barcelona” Luis Suarez in the penalty area of the guests stepped on the foot of the defender “Lyon” Jason Denayer (this is after the match confirmed by the Uruguayan) and fell beautifully, simulating a foul. Marciniak decided that the player of the French team broke the rules, and has appointed 11-metre blow.

The decision later confirmed by Raczkowski – in any case it is not found any obvious errors in the judge’s verdict and not invited a colleague to watch the video on the monitor. Or (if you believe those who wrote about a technical failure) to see the replay was impossible.

In the end, Barcelona opened the scoring and Lionel Messi converted the penalty beautifully, executing the penalty shot.

“I think I unintentionally stepped on a defender and fell… But the last decision is always the referee,” – so appreciated the Suarez episode.

“The judge told me that he was confident in his decision,” – said after the match in a TV interview Denyer, stressing that didn’t foul on Suarez.

The authoritative edition of L’equipe praised the quality of the work of Marciniak two points on a 10-point system. Let this edition and French, and its journalists, of course, upset about the defeat of Lyon, I think they greatly underestimated the rating of the referee.

Will wait and see what Thursday will tell Roberto Rosetti and how can he explain the decision of the Polish judges. Prior to this, the Italian who heads the judiciary of Europe, three times gave a very detailed explanation and explained how to operate the VAR in the Champions League.

Alexander BOBROV, the Sport-Express