In the US the epidemic of the coronavirus can lead to an increase in HIV and sexually transmitted infections – doctors

KIEV. April 24. UNN. Doctors warn that a pandemic coronavirus can lead in the United States to the outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases and the increasing number of HIV infection due to the fact that medical resources are directed at combating CODVID-19. It is reported by UNN with reference to the Voice of America and The Hill.

Access to testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) decreased significantly. 2200 specialists from these diseases were aimed to combat the coronavirus, the newspaper writes. Hospitals have reported reducing programs to combat the spread of HIV and STIs. Some hospitals reduce the number of patients on the record, some of them stopped taking patients in the queue.

Specialists in this field papercut pending as a result of these reductions, a major outbreak of HIV and STI diseases. The infection rate of STI is now at a record high, the increase in cases occurred five consecutive years, until 2018.

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At the same time, the President’s plan trump to end the HIV epidemic in 2030, in fact, frozen, because all resources are directed at combating coronavirus.

In 2016 in the United States was 1.1 million were living with HIV aged 13 years and older. Every year the number of infected increases by 40 thousand people.

Earlier, the UN Secretary-General declared the outbreak of domestic violence in terms of quarantine.