President of the parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Giorgi Tsereteli urged the US police to show restraint during the protests.

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“Instead of responding with force, it is important that the government listened to the message of the protesters, in particular their claims on liability and cease violent tactics by the police, especially in minority communities” — leads TASS his words.

He noted that “anxiously watched the protests taking place in cities throughout the United States, and sometimes a severe reaction of the police”.

“Excessive protection of the demonstrations law enforcement officers can only incite anger and lead to more violence and riots,” — said Tsereteli.

Earlier the OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir expressed concern about the use of force against journalists during protests in the United States, which began after the death of the African-American George Floyd because of the actions of the police.

Media reported that the President of the United States Donald trump is on the call with the governors of the States called upon them to act tougher with protesters.