The research group of Dr. Han Chi-hwan of the Korea Institute of energy research (KIER) has developed a new technology “smart Windows”. It is able to automatically adjust the amount of light entering the room by changing the color of the Windows depending on the intensity of the solar rays.

However this technology does not require electricity due to the presence of light-absorbing layer. The researchers explain that this may reduce the price of consumed home energy by 30-50 %. And since there is no need for a separate power source, this helps to reduce the cost.

Intelligent window well blocking out the sunlight over a large area, so it can be used for large buildings with high cooling costs. Glass blocks the visible spectrum of light and infrared rays.

The research team also succeeded in creating the technology of screening – in fact, developing a film which can be bonded to existing window glass. If the production of these films will be a success, they can be used not only on buildings but also in cars, ships and airplanes.

Source — TechXplore