Analyst John Prosser has published a video review: the latest leaks and rumors about smart glasses from Apple. He said that he personally saw the prototype, he was impressed – plastic frames instead of metal, the lack of sun lenses, no camera. However, the hardware and software are in high degree of readiness and if not prevent, pandemic COVID-19, the novelty will be officially presented before the end of this year.

Estimated price Apple Glass $499, they are not able to work without being tied to the iPhone, which happen all the calculations, similar to the Apple Watch. The glasses show the user information on both the lenses, they will be managed with the new interface “Starboard”, for smartphones and gestures in front of him. The range of gestures is not limited and you can create your own.

Glasses only have lidar, without the usual camera, so that photos and video not available. But they can scan QR codes and work with 3D sensors like LiDAR system 2020 for the iPad Pro. It is not excluded and the use of other features of the platform ARKit when sunglasses help the user to interact with objects in the Internet of things.

Source — Apple Insider